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American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
Dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy
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ARBA Committees

The following committees established by the ARBA Board of Directors, provide valuable service to the American Rabbit Breeders Association and its members by performing preparatory work which is helpful in guiding Board decisions that will serve the best interest of the ARBA and its members.

Special Committees prove themselves invaluable by carrying out tasks on behalf of the Board in areas which include fundraising, research, and interractions between members, government, and technologies which have the potential to impact rabbit and cavy hobbiests as well as commercial enterprises, to name but a few. Committees too are vital to implement various operations and activities such as the annual ARBA National Convention.

The opportunity to serve on a committee not only facilitates the various operations of the ARBA, but can serve as a training ground for those members who aspire to further serve the ARBA in the future by becoming Board members themselves. Members who have an interest in serving their hobby interests beyond the local level should contact their District Director to make this willingness to serve known.


Standing Committees

Jane Burt
Charlotte, MI 48813

Karey Sosebee-Welling, KS   ~   Sandra Wight, GA
John Neff, FL   ~   Mike Houston, TN
Ariana St Pierre, LA

David Freeman
Milford, OH 45150

William Hunter, IN   ~   Linda Wilbur, NY

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Commercial Dept.
Terry Grubb
Chillicothe, OH 45601

Clyde Schlabach, IL   ~   Marion Popkin, AB, Canada
Dr Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak, CA  
 Judy Osborne, MD

Norma Hart
Coal City, IL 60416

Kathy Lugo
Hanford, CA 93230

Loretta Odabashian, CA   ~   Becky Ormond, UT

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Justine Erickson
Lincoln, NE 68510

Heather Micek, NE   ~   Scott Nissen, NE
Gale Shultz, NE   ~   Lynne Schultz, NE
Jody Nissen, NE ~ Kaiya Green

Membership Services
Jane Burt
Charlotte, MI 48813

Ariana St Pierre, LA   ~   Sandra Wight, GA
John Neff, FL   ~   Aiko Machida, Japan

Research & Development
Denise Ancharski-Stutler
Levittown, PA 19055

Linda Bell, CA   ~   Linda Kaye Clevenger, TN
Susan Craythorn, UT   ~   Lee Engle, LA
Julia Krout, PA ~ Ashley Garza, CA
 Ruby Rezac, SD ~ Marion Katz, CO

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Bruce Ford
Loganville, GA 30052

Show Rules
Allen Barr
Mission Viejo, CA

Mark Jacobs, IL   ~   Anthony W Bell, TX
Sue Gillispie, MO   ~   Melissa Magee, CA

Cathy Szychulda
Red Bluff, CA

Roger Hassenpflug, OR   ~   Mikey Franke, TX
Caleb Thomas, IN   ~   Bruce Ormsby, IN
Phil Woollet, MI   ~   Chris Zemny, CA
Paul Jurgelonis, MA   ~   Cheryl Blackman, TX
Visit the ARBA Standards Committee Page

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Cavy Sub-Committee
Jim Hupp
Kokohmo, IN 46902

Armondo Cabrera, CA ~ Tracy Iverson, OR
Mary Lou Eisel, CAN   ~   Robert Spitzer, AZ
Peg Hailey, PA   ~   Michael Franke, TX
Linda Loukes, ID   ~  Ken McCraken, TX

Youth Committee
Tom Berger
Southbend, IN 46635

Courtney Pease, WI   ~   Lynette Williams, IN
Brian Lambert, IL   ~   Michelle Uptagrafft, WA
Karen Morgan, TX   ~   Kelli Slack, OR
Jacquie Voorhees, CA

Youth Scholarship
Christi Ringelstetter
Madison, WI 53713

Charlotte Ford, GA   ~   Nancy Kennedy, KS
Linda Franke, TX   ~   Paula Schultz, NY
Sharon Webb, OR   ~   Jennifer Ambrosino, CA
Valerie Uptagrafft, WA   ~   Gloria Hazard, IN
Ron Smelt, CA   ~   Lori Jo Whitehaus, PA

ARBA Special Committees

Pat Vezino
Mulliken, MI 48861

Armando Cabrera, CA  ~   Shari Albrecht, CO
Janet Forrest, WA   ~  Alexa Bixel, PA
Kevin Whaley, CA ~ Sara Buchanan, CA
Betty Chu, CA
ARBA Airline Reference Guide

Club Liaison
Randy Shumaker, CA
Prather, CA 93651

Complaint Investigation
Gene Gillispie
Vienna, MO 65582

Mike Adams, OH   ~   Mike Peacock, CO

Convention Liaison
Ted DeLoyola
Cave Junction, OR 97523

Domestic Rabbits
Eric Stewart
Emlenton, PA 16373

Jane Burt, MI   ~   Kathi Groves, CA
Sandra Wight, GA

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Equipment Manager
Bob Price
Hanover, IN

Rick Munster, IN   ~   David Cardinal, WI

Judges Continuing Education
David Moll
Wauseon, OH

Ruth Ann Bell, PA   ~   Susan Dapper, MN
Paul Jurgelonis, MA   ~   Jim Hupp, IN
Melissa Magee, CA   ~   Molly Covert, MI
Mary Ellen Stamets, NJ

Judge Review
Steve Lussier
Harwinton, CT 06791

Legislative Liason
Karen J Horn
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Ellen Bonde
Mount Airy, MD 21771

Sharon Barnes, KS   ~   Erik Alan Bengtson, MN
Scott Wiebensohn, CO   ~   Jean Parker, OK
Kevin Whaley, CA   ~   Eunita Boatman, CA
Nancy Walker, AR   ~   Michael Czapski, PA
Amanda Behee, OH   ~   Susan Dapper, MN
James Brown, PA

Membership Recognition
Clarence Linsey
Olathe, KS 66061

Kathy D'Amico, OH   ~   Harold Dorrington, OH
Bruce Johnson, WI   ~   Dallas Meyer, IL
Patricia Gest, FL

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Rabbit & Cavy Health
Jay Hreiz, VMD
Charlotte, NC 28205

Denise Ancharski-Stutler, PA
Wendy Feaga, DVM, MD ~ Fritz Trybus, DVM, IL
Denise Ancharski-Stutler, PA
Tiffany Bohlman, IL  ~   Nicole Holtmeyer, WA

Long Range Planning
Brian Bell

Betty Chu, CA   ~  Mike Avesing, IA

ED Performance Review Committee
Roger Hassenpflug
Medford, OR

Randy Shumaker, CA   ~  Don Mersiovsky, TX

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International Liason Committee
Allen Mesick
Prather, CA 93651

Arie Wardhani, Indonesia  ~   Josee Maher, CAN

Judge Mentor Program Committee
Cheryl Eng-Link
Kailua, HI

Randy Shumaker, CA   ~   Pam Jones, MI


ARBA Photography Committee
Sandra Wight

Chris Zemny, CA   ~   Amanda Wampner, WI
Maddie Pratt, MI

ARBA Checkoff Program Liason
Sam Albrecht
Parker, CO 80134