Hello D8 Friends!
I want to start off by saying how happy and honored I am to be representing the rabbit and cavy members of the ARBA's largest district again...D8! I'd like to thank those members who supported me in the election. I'm very grateful! For those who supported the other two candidates, I respect that, and all I ask is that you give me an opportunity to gain your respect.

The D8 Website is currently under revision by our Web Team. Please allow us all some time as weíve got a number of features to complete. Currently, one of the primary issues is to have show flyers available on the website. Please submit those via email to arbad8website@gmail.com. We will soon be re-establishing the D8 Monthly E-Newsletter.

Improving communication throughout the District has always been a major goal of mine. Along with this website, I intend to use Facebook (ARBA D 8 Facebook Page) and the Newsletter to reach our members. Iíll be happy to write articles for those clubsí newsletters that inquire. And Iíll continue to be available to our members at the shows.

Everything won't get accomplished immediately, but please give my team and I a bit of time, and hopefully you'll like the results. And if you don't, I do want to hear about it.

I may be reached by email at havanaman@earthlink.net and by phone at 937-364-2133. And, of course, look me up at the shows!
Friends, I'm very excited to work with y'all again! If you need me, Iím only an email or phone call away.

Take care,
Terry Fender
ARBA D8 Director

Terry Fender
ARBA District 8 Director