State Representatives

In an effort to stay continually aware of what is happening in their District, each year the ARBA District Directors appoint several State or Provincial Representatives. These Representatives are to report news of the district to the Director, and keep the Director informed of any pertinent facts or plans that may be news worthy. Any information received by the District Director may be used for their column in the Domestic Rabbits magazine. A State or Provincial Representative is a person knowledgeable about rabbits and/or cavies, willing to devote time and effort to local clubs and events, and able to answer basic questions for the rabbit raiser.

Bryan Clum
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Harry Dorrington
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Becky Milks
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Youth Contacts

The youth contact information on this page is intended as a guide for those with questions pertaining to their state’s youth program. The adult contacts listed are those in charge of the state youth program. For instance, if a youth would like to become involved in their state’s youth activities, this will guide them to the correct person. These adults are appointed by their state club, not the District Director.

The District 8 Youth Advisory Council was formed to advise the District Director on youth issues from a youth’s point of view. The goal is to ultimately have a youth member from each state and province in D8 serve on it.

Sheryl Speirs-Furer 
Adult Ohio Youth Chair

Megan Snyder
Youth Advisory Council Representative
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District 8 Team Policy

As an overview, the district team concept is primarily meant to benefit those youth from states and provinces that do not have their own team. In District 8 this would currently be Kentucky, Manitoba, and Ontario. First priority for the district teams goes to these youth. After that, youth from the states and provinces with a team may apply.


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