D-9 Youth

Your District Director was glowing at the Youth Banquet!

2009 ARBA Convention Youth Contest Results:

National Painting Winner: Leah Jennings

North Carolina
T-shirt contest winner: Autumn D. Marks


Royalty:  BOTH the ARBA King & Queen are from Pennsylvania!!!
2009 ARBA King: Richard Vaerewyck (this is Richard's THIRD time as King - way to go!)

2009 ARBA Queen:  Hannah Wisniewski
2nd Runner Up, 2009 ARBA Queen:  Sarah Gregory

Senior National Winner!: Hannah Wisniewski
Senior 2nd Runner Up: Sarah Gregory
Senior 3rd Runner Up: Lia Schmittel

Management District 9 Winners
Unlimited: Ashley Sloan
Average: Tim Werner, National 4TH Runner Up
Limited: Alex Stepnoski, National Winner!

Achievement District 9 Winners
Senior: Alex Stepnoski
>Intermediate: Tim Werner, National First Runner Up
National Fourth Runner Up: Hayley Wolfe
Junior: Veronika C. Rodriguez, National WINNER!

Educational Contests
Game: Bobby Sautner, NATIONAL WINNER!

Youth Scholarship (6 Scholarships Rewarded this year)
Morgan Turner!!
Alex Stepnoski!!


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