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Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association (PaSRBA)

Webmaster: Joyce Holton

Secretary - Sue Werner

897 N Lancaster Street
Jonestown, PA 17038

Brian Bell

Color Me Dwarf Specialty Club

Club & Show Secretary: Mark Amsler
Central Pennsylvania


Central Pa. Open & Youth Secretary
Show Secretary:

Lois Rawlings
P.O. Box 38
Alexandria, Pa.  16611
814 632-9410

Tri-County Rabbit Club
Assistant Secretary
Dottie Szentmiklosi
163 Hillcrest Dr.
Homer City, Pa.  15748

Mid Atlantic Satin RBA
Show Secretary - Chris Fauser
50 North Fulton
Manheim, PA. 17545

Mid Atlantic Cavy Breeders

Vera Rhoades

Mason-Dixon Rex RBA

Monica Seaman
94 Pine Road
Hamburg, Pa. 19526
email address is

Mid-Atlantic Dwarf Hotot Club
c/o Sally Turner
201 Port Lane
Philipsburg, PA. 16866

Majestic Mini Rex Specialty Club
Secretary - Cher brown
2628 Matthews Drive
Baltimore, MD 21234
(410) 661-2661

Westmoreland County Rabbit Club of Pa

Berks County 4-H Youth Rabbit & Cavy Club
     Meets in Leesport, PA
     Anyone youth 8-18 yrs old welcome to join.
     Contact person:

Rick Shipe

Bucks Cty RCBA Club

 Secretary: Sara Plokhooy

3882 Banyan Drive,
Danielsville, PA 18038

Mid Atlantic Rabbit & Cavy Shows

Bunny Busters of Carbon County 4H Club


Lysa Grant - Webmaster



PA ARBA Members District 9 Personal Sites


THF Saynora Holland Lops - Jenna Buchenauer & Tracy Lukeman   (Holland Lops)

Bixel's Rabbitry - Alexa Bixel (Mini Rex)

NG Rabbitry - Nick Gephart (Flemish Giants, Belgian Hares, Jersey Woolies, Lionheads & Tans)

 Luceee's Lops - Luceee Schirmer (French Lops)

Powells' Hoppy Acres - Kim Powell (French/Holland Lops, Britannia Petites)

Ears R Us Rabbitry - Melanie Peterman - (English/French/Fuzzy Lops, Tans, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Mini Lop, Flemish Giant, Giant Chin)

The Critteranch Rabbitry - Plokhooy Family (Holland Lops & Netherland Dwarfs)

Julias Jewels - Julie Krout (Amer. Fuzzy Lops & Rhinelanders)

Binkytree Rabbitry - Meredith Sherrer ~ American Fuzzy Lops
Randi Sherrer ~ American Fuzzy Lops & Polish

Backyard Friends Mini Rex Rabbitry - Cathy & Andrew German (Mini Rex in Black, Blue, Broken, Castor, & specialize in Chin, Opal, Tort)

Midori no Daichi Rabbitry - Kelly Garrity (Mini Rex in Chinchilla, Himalayan, and Seal)

Blue in the Face - Jeremiah Gordon (Mini Rex in Black, Blue and Opal)

Higher Ground Farms - Eric Stewart (Mini Rex in Castor, White, Black, and Broken Black. Fiber Farm with French Angoras, sheep and angora goats)

Briallu Mini Rex - Piper Smith
- (Mini Rex in Black, Blue, Broken, Castor, Chocolate, Lilac, and White)

Foxaway Rabbits - Brenda DeWald - (Mini Rex, most recognized & some unrecognized

White Lightning Rabbitry - Wendy L. Showers (French Lops, English Lops and Standard Chinchillas)

Misty Mountain Rabbitry - Dani Beitler ( Holland, Mini, English Lops, English Angoras, Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Lionheads and English Spots)

Maple Lane Rabbitry - Melinda Gutshall (New Zealand, Californian, Flemish Giants in Fawn, Sandy, Blue and Black, Mini Rex in Black, Blue, BEW, and Otter)


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