Items from the ARBA Hall of Fame Library Collection


Shield Plaque

The Len Small Trophy for Best Rabbit In Show was won by Edward H. Stahl with a Giant Chinchilla in 1932. It would have been the last time a Best In Show was awarded in the U.S., as some exhibitors disagreed and a fist fight broke out over the winning rabbit’s placement. The ARBA would not grant Best In Show titles again until 1971.

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Donor Plaque

One of the permanent donor plaques hung at the double doors to the ARBA Hall of Fame Library.  For a contribution of $500.00 or more the person and/or organization will receive an engraved plate which is added to the donor plaques.  All contributions are tax free.

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Show Poster, Judging Table & Memorial Trophy

Show poster from 1957 as then sponsored by Purina Mills, miniature model of judging table, and old memorial trophy.

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Fur & Feather Publication

With such a tremendous collection of the world’s oldest small stock publication, Fur & Feather, the visitor to the library can enjoy viewing large qualities of rabbit/cavy illustrations and reading about the fancy the past 125 plus years.

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Hall of Fame Library Dedication

The Hall of Fame Library was dedicated to late Oren Reynolds and late Dr. Terry Reed. Oren Reynolds greatly assisted with his knowledge of the ARBA’s history during the organization of the library collection, after all Oren turned 100 years young in February, 2006. Oren Reynolds holds several world records; oldest rabbit judge, oldest editor of a livestock publication, oldest active rabbit breeder, and oldest feed dealer. We like to call Oren Mr. ARBA.

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ARBA National Rabbit King - 1970

Bob Whitman, ARBA National Rabbit King from 1970 reminisces those yesteryears in 2006 with a copy of the ARBA’s Bulletinstored in the warehouse at the library.

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Chinese Ink Well from 16th Century

The oldest artifact in the library collection is this Chinese ink well from the 16th century donated by Bob Whitman the night of the dedication of new facility. An opening in the mouth of the rabbit allows ink to be poured. The opening at the top, of course is the fill point and holds the writing implement, in this case a quill from an African porcupine.

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History Quilt - Lorena Ferchaud

On the 13 foot conference table in the center of the library is a history quilt made by member Lorena Ferchaud. This beautiful addition to the library’s collection depicts the original 13 charter members, all national headquarters, national secretaries, each national breed specialty club and every convention since the first in 1918.


ARBA staff member Susan Baker (left) and ARBA President Cindy Wickizer (right) admire the new piece.

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Pigeons and Rabbits
1859 E. Sebastion Delamer

One of the older rabbit books in the library’s collection, Pigeons and Rabbits, 1859 by E. Sebastion Delamer, a.k.a. Reverend E. Sebastion Dixon.

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Practical Treatise of Breeding, Rearing, and Fattening, Domestic Poultry, Pheasants, Pigeons, and Rabbits

The Book of the Rabbit

On the left is the 5th Edition, 1824, of Bonington Moubray’s Practical Treatise of Breeding, Rearing, and Fattening, Domestic Poultry, Pheasants, Pigeons, and Rabbits.First published 1815. The book on the right is currently being sought after for our ARBA Hall of Fame Library collection; The Book of the Rabbit, 2nd Edition, 1889, by Kempster W. Knight is extremely scarce and is only known to exist in seven public collections and a very few private collections. The library is proud to have in its collection a mint copy of the 1st Edition, 1881.

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