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Dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy
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ARBA Airline Committee Update

The ARBA Airlines Committee has been hard at work to make meaningful progress toward updating flight regulations pertaining to rabbits and cavies. Current IATA regulations require outdated transport containers for shipping rabbits and cavies which will explain current inconsistent acceptance of shipments made using modern carriers/transport equipment. The ARBA Airline Update is the result of a year's worth of effort negotiating with airlines to consider changes to the IATA regulations. This case study will provide important data for both the participating airlines and also the ARBA while providing a set of clear standards for rabbit and cavy transport to the convention. The airlines will be providing their staff the case study guidelines to prevent misunderstandings and inconsistent expectations at each airport. The ARBA will be represented at the IATA meeting this October to recommend modernization of the current regulations...

ARBA Airline Committee Update


Myxomatosis Alert

Please find below an article link published by the Santa Cruz Sentinel and noted by our ARBA Rabbit and Cavy Health Committee Chairperson, Dr. Hreiz, as an awareness to rabbit owners specifically those living near coastal California and Oregon. Much like other areas experiencing environmental concerns during different seasons, myxomatosis can be a greater concern this time of year. It is important to develop a mosquito abatement program that includes removal of standing water and perhaps chemical treatments to reduce potential exposure to mosquitoes, the primary source of initial infections. The PDF myxomatosis article by Chris Zemny contains more information on myxomatosis and how you can effectively reduce the risk of infection.

Deadly Virus Threatens Pet Rabbits - Santa Cruz Sentinel


Message from the ARBA President

Below is a message to the ARBA Membership by ARBA President Josh Humphries. Please click the link below to access this message:

Message to the ARBA Membership


Updated Airline Reference Guide and Tips Available

The ARBA Airlines Committee has recently updated their guide to aid ARBA members who plan to travel to national shows with their rabbits and/or cavies:

Airline Options (Official ARBA reference guide of airline carriers offering transport for rabbits and cavies.)


Argente Brun (49th ARBA recognized breed) and Mini Satin Broken Group and Chocolate Agouti Variety Recognized as of February 1, 2016

The Argente Brun and the Broken Mini Satin Group and Chocolate Agouti Variety passed their 3rd and final presentation at the 2015 ARBA Convention in Portland, OR. The ARBA office has prepared official standard inserts formatted to fit the pages of the 2016-2020 ARBA Standard of Perfection for the new breed and new Mini Satin group and variety as well as corrections to the Holland Lop (page 146 - Broken Group; page 149 - Cream variety; Delete Fawn variety), Mini Rex (page 179 - REW variety description), and Cavy standards:

2/1/2016 ARBA Standards Insert (Argente Brun, Mini Satin, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, and Cavy)

Judges Conferences...
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ARBA Judges' Conference Guidelines


Sponsoring Club:

September 9, 2016
Langlade County Fairgrounds (Antigo, WI)
WI State Rabbit Breeders
Nicole Gates


American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.

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(Complete results will be available soon - please check back!)

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Below are the official results of the breed/variety presentations at the 2015 ARBA National Convention in Portland, OR:
(Click to access PDF to print: 2015 Breed Presentation Results)


Newly Accepted Breeds/Varieties - February 1, 2016:
Argente Brun
Mini Satin - Broken, Chocolate Agouti

Varieties/Breeds Presented and Passed this Showing:
Havana - Lilac (2nd try at 1st showing)
Mini Rex - Sable (1st try at 1st showing)
Mini Satin - Himalayan (2nd try at 2nd showing)
Mini Satin - Squirrel (2nd try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Chocolate (1st try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Sable Point (1st try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Seal (1st try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Siamese Sable (2nd try at 1st showing)
New Zealand - Blue (1st try at 1st showing)

Breeds/Varieties Presented But Did NOT Pass this Showing:
Belgian Hare - Tan Pattern (1st try at 1st showing)
Dwarf Hotot - Blue Eyeband (1st try at first showing)
English Angora - Broken (2nd try at first showing) *
Satin Angora - Broken (2nd try at 1st showing)
Silver Fox - Blue (1st try at 1st showing)
Silver Fox - Chocolate (2nd try at 1st showing) *
Velveteen Lop - Solid (1st try at 2nd showing)

* COD Terminated

Argent Brun - ARBA's 49th breed!

Dropped CODs:
Lionhead (Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Point)
Polish (Lilac)


2012 ARBA Convention Breed Numbers
2011 ARBA Convention Breed Numbers



Correction to 'Creative Cook' column in the September/October 2015 edition of the DR

Due to a misprint in the Creative Cook column in the September/October issue of Domestic Rabbits, there was an error in the featured recipe - Rabbit Samurai. For those who would like to try out their culinary skills with this dish, the corrected recipe is available below:

Rabbit Samurai
Large File Size (7.23 MB). Please allow adequate download time.


Results of the 2015 ARBA District 7 Director Election:

Jack Bailey 142
Carl Richetelle 201


BEW Britannia Petite and Mini Satin Copper Variety and New Siamese Group Varieties Recognized as of February 1, 2015

Blue-Eyed White Britannia Petite and the Copper variety and Siamese Group varieties (blue, chocolate, and lilac), in Mini Satins passed their 3rd and final presentation at the 2014 ARBA Convention in Fort Worth, TX. The ARBA office has prepared official standard inserts for the 2010-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection:

2/1/2014 ARBA Standards Insert (Britannia Petite and Mini Satin)


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In Memoriam...


Rene GoedderzIt is with deep regret that I inform you that ARBA Judge #636, Rene Goedderz passed away January 23, 2016 after her courageous battle with cancer. Anyone who had the opportunity to know Rene is well aware that courage and strength were two of Rene's most pronounced attributes.

Rene was a continuous ARBA member since 3/7/83, obtained her rabbit registrar license 5/18/88, and became ARBA Rabbit Judge #636 on 9/7/93. Many of you may not be aware that Rene raised a number of different breeds over the years, including angoras, although one cannot think of the Britannia Petite without also thinking of Rene Goedderz. No one can argue that Rene had a dramatic impact on the Britannia Petite breed and the ABPRS over the years, having successfully sponsored the presentations for the Black Otter, Black, Chestnut Agouti, Sable Marten, Broken, and BEW varieties. Rene was the President of the ABPRS for the original charter filed with the ARBA in 1990 and was the current ABPRS President at the time of her passing. Rene has been a faithful supporter of the breed and the ABPRS throughout her involvement with Britannia Petites. Her passion for the Britannia Petite was unwavering even in the face of opposition to introduction of varieties other than the original Ruby-Eyed White; again speaking to her courage and strength in the face of adversity. Rene was always quick to voice her opinions but her strong will was matched only by her big heart.

We all know Rene for her accomplishments as a breeder, club officer, and judge; but Rene is also a loving mother of three grown children and grandmother of seven. Rene was not alone in her passion for the ARBA as she also fostered a love for the fancy in her family as well. Rene is deeply missed by all who she has touched with her spirit, knowledge, humor, and passion. Her contributions to the ARBA remain a testament to her passion for the fancy and Rene will live on through each of the countless lives she has touched. I have little doubt that she and Doc Reed are having spirited conversations about the most recent Britannia Petite varieties right now and eagerly going over the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

Rene, you are dearly missed!

With deepest sympathies,

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