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Dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy
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Current News...


Correction to 'Creative Cook' column in the September/October 2015 edition of the DR

Due to a misprint in the Creative Cook column in the September/October issue of Domestic Rabbits, there was an error in the featured recipe - Rabbit Samurai. For those who would like to try out their culinary skills with this dish, the corrected recipe is available below:

Rabbit Samurai
Large File Size (7.23 MB). Please allow adequate download time.


Results of the 2015 ARBA District 7 Director Election:

Jack Bailey 142
Carl Richetelle 201


BEW Britannia Petite and Mini Satin Copper Variety and New Siamese Group Varieties Recognized as of February 1, 2015

Blue-Eyed White Britannia Petite and the Copper variety and Siamese Group varieties (blue, chocolate, and lilac), in Mini Satins passed their 3rd and final presentation at the 2014 ARBA Convention in Fort Worth, TX. The ARBA office has prepared official standard inserts for the 2010-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection:

2/1/2014 ARBA Standards Insert (Britannia Petite and Mini Satin)

Judges Conferences...
Click this link to view the latest
ARBA Judges' Conference Guidelines


Sponsoring Club:

February 5, 2016
Lebanon, PA
Pennsylvania State RBA
Travis Finkle
PO Box 153
Marbury, MN 20658

Sponsoring Club:

March 4, 2016
East Langsing, MI (MI State Univ)
Michigan State RBA
Bryan Shirk
78 Hawley St
Quincy, MI 49082


Sponsoring Club:

April 1, 2016, 6 PM
10 W Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA
San Gabriel Valley Cavy Breeders
Heather Bean
1544 Pacific Ave
Norco, CA 92860



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American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
Access ARBA Youth Contest Results…

(Complete results will be available soon - please check back!)

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Below are the official results of the breed/variety presentations at the 2015 ARBA National Convention in Portland, OR:
(Click to access PDF to print: 2015 Breed Presentation Results)


Newly Accepted Breeds/Varieties - February 1, 2015:
Argente Brun
Mini Satin - Broken, Chocolate Agouti

Varieties/Breeds Presented and Passed this Showing:
Havana - Lilac (2nd try at 1st showing)
Mini Rex - Sable (1st try at 1st showing)
Mini Satin - Himalayan (2nd try at 2nd showing)
Mini Satin - Squirrel (2nd try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Chocolate (1st try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Sable Point (1st try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Seal (1st try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Siamese Sable (2nd try at 1st showing)
New Zealand - Blue (1st try at 1st showing)

Breeds/Varieties Presented But Did NOT Pass this Showing:
Belgian Hare - Tan Pattern (1st try at 1st showing)
Dwarf Hotot - Blue Eyeband (1st try at first showing)
English Angora - Broken (2nd try at first showing) *
Satin Angora - Broken (2nd try at 1st showing)
Silver Fox - Blue (1st try at 1st showing)
Silver Fox - Chocolate (2nd try at 1st showing) *
Velveteen Lop - Solid (1st try at 2nd showing)

* COD Terminated

Argent Brun - ARBA's 49th breed!

Dropped CODs:
Lionhead (Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Point)
Polish (Lilac)


2012 ARBA Convention Breed Numbers
2011 ARBA Convention Breed Numbers



ARBA Judges and Registrars Ethics Statement

The ARBA Board has endorsed an ethics statements pertaining to registrars and judges. The following statement is the result of ARBA Board member discussion, legal review, and confirmation from our insurance provider that it will not impact our current policy/coverage. Each licensed registrar and judge is required to agree to sign the ARBA Ethics Statement as a prerequisite for license renewal and/or retention. Any registrar or judge having not returned their signed ARBA Judges and Registrars Standard of Ethics before February 1, 2015 will have said license suspended effective immediately. Reinstatement of license requires a vote of the ARBA Board of Directors. Should you have any questions regarding or remarks about the ARBA Judges and Registrars Standard of Ethics, direct correspondence to your District Director.


An ARBA judge or registrar is a reflection of the association and is an extension of its values as observed by members and the public. Licensure is a peculiar privilege and not an inherent right of membership. The Association's activities are family oriented and a high standard of ethics and conduct are expected from judges and registrars at all times. Unethical conduct may involve violations of Association rules, customs, or standards, dishonesty, misrepresentation, inappropriate behavior, as well as actions that violate the law.

The association places a high value on the integrity conveyed by its judges and registrars; thus, a failure to conform to such ethical standards shall be subject to disciplinary action by the ARBA board up to, and including, revocation of a license or disqualification of an application. The action taken depends upon the particular circumstances involved and how the conduct in question reflects upon the dignity, integrity, and standards of the Association.

  • Signed statements shall be accepted via either electronic or hard copy submission. All judges with listed email addresses will receive their ARBA Judge Review Exam via email along with the questionnaire containing the ARBA Judges and Registrars Standard of Ethics. Judges not returning their signed statements by January 15, 2015 will be provided on a list sent to their District Director for follow up contact.

  • All registrars due to renew 1/1/15 will be sent a copy of the Ethics Statement and must return by February 1, 2015 or have their license suspended until such time as the signed statement has been returned, filed, and the Board reinstates their license. All registrars with a listed email address will receive their questionnaire containing the ARBA Judges and Registrars Standard of Ethics via email. Registrars without listed email addresses will be mailed the applicable questionnaire. Registrars not returning their signed statements by January 15, 2015 will be provided on a list sent to their District Director for follow up contact.

  • Any registrar who does not renew in 2015, will receive the Ethics Statement via email (mail if there is no email address on file) and must return by February 1, 2015 or have their license suspended until such time as the signed statement has been returned, filed, and the Board reinstates their license. Registrars not returning their signed statements by January 15, 2015 will be provided on a list sent to their District Director for follow up contact.

  • Notice of this adopted Ethics Statement along with the requirement for licensed officials to sign will be posted on the ARBA website and printed in the November-December 2014 issue of Domestic Rabbits magazine.



As fall approaches, Myxomatosis has been identified on the west coast. The link below may be informative, particularly for our members in coastal areas of California and Oregon...

Myxomatosis Article


Lionhead - 48th Breed Recognized February 1, 2014

After a lengthy process, the Lionhead passed it's 3rd and final presentation at the 2013 ARBA Convention in Harrisburg, PA. The ARBA office has prepared a FAQ sheet regarding exhibition, official standard, specialty club formation, and Grand Champion awards.

2/1/2014 ARBA Standards Insert | Lionhead FAQ


USDA Restores Important Check and Balance on Retail Pet Sales to Ensure Health, Humane Treatment

On Sept 10, 2013, the USDA proactively called ARBA to discuss the new Internet Pet Sales law. This law is expected to be signed by President Obama next week, and officially released the week after.

We find that the bulk of our breeders will not be required to be licensed, and as before, selling breeder-to-breeder is not included in the licensing threshold. For pet sales, as long as you, or your representative, meets the buyer, then the sale is exempt. If you are sent the money for a pet rabbit or cavy, and the pet animal and you never meet the buyer, then that sale counts toward your $500 limit. More details on this announcement can be found on the ARBA Legislative Alerts page of this website.

We are proud to so quickly see the results of the new ARBA partnership. The USDA visit to the Wichita, KS ARBA Convention, coupled with several meetings in Washington, DC, resulted in some of the rabbit exemptions listed in Paragraph 7 of the below press release. We applaud the hard work of our Board and Executive Director in establishing a working relationship with USDA, and educating our government on who our breeders are, and our association’s commitment to responsible breeding. 

Access News Release of 09-10-2013 USDA Decision


To ARBA Members...

The ARBA is aware of a case involving the confiscation of rabbits in a residential area on the Southside of Indianapolis. We have been following the case closely by establishing direct contact with the breeder and the City of Indianapolis in order to ensure we had as much factual information as possible. Further details of the case will not be revealed until after the entire trial is finished, and only if it is opened for public review.

The ARBA was established to further the following mission: The ARBA promotes the responsible care and use of rabbits and cavies. We created the ARBA Minimum Care Guidelines to help rabbit and cavy enthusiasts identify the appropriate minimum level of care for their animals as well as to help enforcement officials identify appropriate care standards.

Zoning and ordinance concerns grow each year and the ARBA encourages our members to keep informed as local ordinances may change over time. If you have any questions about current and new zoning and animal control laws, please contact our Legislative Chair, Karen Horn:


The ARBA Board has reviewed and revised the ARBA Show Rules. Please refer to this version when planning your shows...

ARBA Show Rules - Revised 3/4/2013


The ARBA Board has reviewed and reinforced the ARBA Instructions to Registrars requiring that all ear numbers must contain 0-9 and/or A-Z. All ear tattoos may only contain these alpha-numeric characters and no other characters.


Official changes to the current ARBA Standard of Perfection are available to print and insert for reference. These have been updated since the January 2, 2013 insert. Pages reflect the final revision to the text. Click the link below to access.

Current SOP Inserts - January 17, 2013

The ARBA office will also be updating the printed insert pages we provide inhouse with each new SOP sold and those members requesting a mailed copy of the new insert pages.


SUMMARY- In Spain, kits under the age of 30 days were found to be susceptible to a variant of RHD. Previously, it was thought that younger rabbits were not susceptible to the ailment. These rabbits that succumbed to the disease were from farms vaccinated for RHD (approved and widely used in Europe).

The takeaway points for breeders:

  1. RHD, previously thought to affect primarily rabbits older than 8 weeks of age, appear to afflict rabbits under 30 days when exposed to a variant.
  2. While still relatively unlikely, it is important to consider this RHD variant as a reason for massive losses in rabbits under 30 days of age.
  3. The study raises serious questions about the efficacy of the vaccine program in Europe.

The following link contains the full article: CDC RHD Article


ARBA Reps Meet with Officials in Washington D.C.
ARBA Legislative Committee Chair, Karen Horn and ARBA Executive Director Eric Stewart recently traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with key representatives of the USDA and House of Representatives and Senate Agriculture Committees. For more information, access the links below:

ARBA Legislative Update August 2012   |   Sign Up for ARBA Legislative Alerts


The ARBA Legislative Committee has provided the following report of a teleconference with the USDA. The proposed revisions to the Animal Welfare Act will not change the regulations in relation to rabbits or cavies from present day regulatory oversight. The ARBA has been actively addressing concerns and questions regarding the AWA proposed revision for several weeks and at this time can provide the documents below as reference. Please note that the ARBA Recommended Care Guidelines of Rabbits and Cavies has been approved by the ARBA Board of Directors.

APHIS Fact Sheet & FAQ   |   ARBA Recommended Care Guidelines for Rabbits and Cavies

USDA/ARBA Teleconference (07/11/2012)


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers/participants are normally allowed to go. This federal law applies to all businesses/events open to the public, including RABBIT and CAVY SHOWS. A link to the ADA Notice is available for you to access and download:

Americans with Disabilities Act Notice


THE FOLLOWING PDF LINK INCLUDES THE NEWLY RECOGNIZED VARIETIES ELIGIBLE FOR BREED COMPETITION EFFECTIVE February 1, 2012. Pages are formatted to fit the blank pages 269-270 2011-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection.


Please note that the ARBA Late Show Report Policy will be strictly enforced for all shows with a show date as of January 1, 2012. All ARBA Show Reports are due 30 days from the date the show was hosted.


The Standards Committee has published their 5 year comparison report on the number of animals shown at the ARBA convention. To view the reports in PDF format, click below for the report you'd like to see.

Rabbit Cavy


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The ARBA Board of Directors have approved the following corrections to the 2011-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection. The corrections have been formatted to fit page 268 of the 2011-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection. Please click the link below to access the changes, or alternately, you can right-click the link and select 'Save Target As' to save the file to your PC.

2011-2015 SOP Correction

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In Memoriam...

ALAN PLATTAlan Platt and wife Nancy

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that beloved ARBA member and judge, Alan Platt, has passed away. Allan Platt, age 72 of Norton, MA passed away peacefully, surrounded by his loving family on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He was the beloved husband of Nancy M. (Dube) Platt, to whom he was wed for 50 years.

Born in Fall River, MA on January 16, 1943, he was a son of the late William and Doris (Marsden) Platt. He grew up and was educated in Fall River. Alan faithfully served his country as a member of the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. He was stationed in Scotland and Pakistan, and was honorably discharged with the rank of Airman First Class Grade E-4.

Alan was a Lifetime ARBA member, having joined 11/10/1972, and was active dual licensed judge #490. Alan received his rabbit registrar license 1/12/1980 and judges license 4/20/1983; and his cavy registrar license 1/1/2007 then judges license 6/18/2010. Alan did not merely "like" rabbits and cavies, he was passionate about them! I can recall his earnest excitement when he finished his cavy judge requirements; Alan could not wait to get out to judging! Anyone who knows Alan will attest that he never did anything "half way". A sincerely committed man, his brilliance and remarkable work ethic were evidenced not only by his successful business and devoted family; but also in all the support he offered the ARBA community for decades. One cannot think of the New England Show Circuit without immediately thinking of Alan and Nancy Platt. Alan has served innumerable local, state, and national specialty clubs over the years in addition to being the General Chairman of the 2004 ARBA National Convention and Show, the first ever held in Providence, Rhode Island. Alan faithfully served the members of District 7 as District Director from 1989-1995 and again from 2001-2003. Again, Alan just didn't "talk" about what needed done, he was a man to roll up his sleeves and get it going. Alan was incredibly generous in every sense of the word. He and Nancy accumulated a large "rabbit and cavy family" in addition to their own immediate family; there was always room for everyone.

Professionally, Alan was the proud and successful owner of Pine Acres Rabbitry in Norton, a business he operated along with his family for over 40 years. Alan was very well known in the research community and acclaimed for his business supporting the biotech field. He was also the owner of Mr. Alan's Hair Design in Norton for 30 years. Alan loved spending time with his adoring family and decorating his home for the holidays. He especially enjoyed the great outdoors; which included hunting, and being a longtime fan and season ticket holder of the New England Patriots.

In addition to his beloved wife, he is survived by his devoted sons Robert A. Platt of Norton, Chris P. Platt of Bath, New Hampshire and David W. Platt and his wife Elizabeth of Norton. He is also survived by his cherished nine grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, and was predeceased by three sisters and two brothers. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Alan's family during this difficult time.

Alan's funeral service, to which relatives and friends are cordially invited to attend, will be held:

Tuesday, September 8th
Time: 10:30 A.M.
Norton Memorial Funeral Home
19 Clapp St. (Off Route 140, Taunton Ave.), Norton, MA
Burial with military honors will follow at the Massachusetts National Cemetery Bourne, MA at 12:45 P.M.

Visiting hours will be held:

Monday, September 7th
Time: 5:00-8:00 P.M.
Norton Memorial Funeral Home

Due to the limitation of flowers allowed at the National Cemetery, Alan's family has requested that donations in his memory be made to the Northeast Rabbit and Cavy Convention Care of Mansfield Bank, 80 North Main St., Mansfield, MA 02048.

To send the Platt family a message of condolence, please visit

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