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Dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy
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Current News...


ARBA Standard Of Perfection - Final Acceptance of New Varieties

Page 28 Section 13 - Final Acceptance, in the 2016-2020 ARBA ARBA Standard of Perfection, "The new variety will have the privileges of the existing breed varieties starting on the first day of the month following publication of the variety standard in the Domestic Rabbits magazine."

The following variety standards were published in the November/December Domestic Rabbits magazine:
Lilac Havana
Chocolate Lionhead
Seal Lionhead
Himalayan Mini Satin
Squirrel Mini Satin
Blue New Zealand

Per the rule stated above, these varieties became eligible to compete December 1, 2016.
The latest SOP inserts are Available for Download.


ARBA Airline Committee Update

The following link embedded below is the revised ARBA Airlines Committee Update. If you are shipping rabbits or cavies via airplane it is imperative that you please review this update. For sake of clarification, the ARBA is not soliciting heightened restrictions on rabbit-cavy air travel; rather this is an effort to provide consistent expectations so travelers with rabbits-cavies do not experience delays or confusion getting to and from convention. The ARBA has no authority to mandate participation; however the ARBA Airlines Committee can offer travelers adhering to case study specifications support in the event of a problem. The headquarters of each airline have made it clear if travelers choose not to adhere to the negotiated case study terms there can be no guarantee the shipment will fly.

Click Here for the ARBA Airline Committee Update - 9/22/2016

Should you have any questions, please contact the ARBA Airlines Committee Chairperson - Pat Vezino: Do NOT contact the ARBA office as Pat is the single point of contact working with each airline.


ARBA Election Results

Moll-435 votes
Behee-252 votes
Colucci-241 votes
Jones-233 votes

Westhoff-350 votes
Kratochuil-62 votes

Vogts-260 votes
Gillispie-165 votes

Deloyla-246 votes
Wickizer-221 votes

Shumaker- 2,559 votes
Hardin- 2,113 votes


Myxomatosis Alert

Please find below an article link published by the Santa Cruz Sentinel and noted by our ARBA Rabbit and Cavy Health Committee Chairperson, Dr. Hreiz, as an awareness to rabbit owners specifically those living near coastal California and Oregon. Much like other areas experiencing environmental concerns during different seasons, myxomatosis can be a greater concern this time of year. It is important to develop a mosquito abatement program that includes removal of standing water and perhaps chemical treatments to reduce potential exposure to mosquitoes, the primary source of initial infections. The PDF myxomatosis article by Chris Zemny contains more information on myxomatosis and how you can effectively reduce the risk of infection.

Deadly Virus Threatens Pet Rabbits - Santa Cruz Sentinel


Message from the ARBA President

Below is a message to the ARBA Membership by ARBA President Josh Humphries. Please click the link below to access this message:

Message to the ARBA Membership


Updated Airline Reference Guide and Tips Available

The ARBA Airlines Committee has recently updated their guide to aid ARBA members who plan to travel to national shows with their rabbits and/or cavies:

Airline Options (Official ARBA reference guide of airline carriers offering transport for rabbits and cavies.)


Argente Brun (49th ARBA recognized breed) and Mini Satin Broken Group and Chocolate Agouti Variety Recognized as of February 1, 2016

The Argente Brun and the Broken Mini Satin Group and Chocolate Agouti Variety passed their 3rd and final presentation at the 2015 ARBA Convention in Portland, OR. The ARBA office has prepared official standard inserts formatted to fit the pages of the 2016-2020 ARBA Standard of Perfection for the new breed and new Mini Satin group and variety as well as corrections to the Holland Lop (page 146 - Broken Group; page 149 - Cream variety; Delete Fawn variety), Mini Rex (page 179 - REW variety description), and Cavy standards:

2/1/2016 ARBA Standards Insert (Argente Brun, Mini Satin, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, and Cavy)

Judges Conferences...
Click this link to view the latest
ARBA Judges' Conference Guidelines


Sponsoring Club:

January 6, 2017
Auburn, NY
Rochester Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Assoc.
Suzette Glave

Sponsoring Club:

February 3, 2017
Lebanon, PA
PA State Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
Travis Finkle

Sponsoring Club:

March 3, 2017; Time: 5 PM
MSU Pavilion, East Lansing, MI
Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
Bryan Shirk
78 Hawley St, Quincy, MI 49082, 517-677-9928

Sponsoring Club:

May 5, 2017
Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, OH
Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
Mike Adams
458 Charles St, Spencerville, OH 45887
American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.

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Access ARBA Youth Contest Results…

Best in Show Open Rabbit - White New Zealand - David Cardinal
Best in Show Youth Rabbit - Broken Satin - Natalee Brink
Best in Show Open Cavy - White American - Tricia Burkhart
Best in Show Youth Cavy -0 Black American - Katelyn Metzger


Open Rabbits - 8904

Youth Rabbits - 2471

Open Cavies - 478

Youth Cavies - 204

Exhibition Only - 639

Hopping - 5

Open Rabbits:
Best in Show - David Cardinal - New Zealand
Group 1:

Ryland/Trevor Sypnieski- Polish

Group 2:

Mike Raab - Palomino

Group 3:

Randy Shumaker/Allen Mesick - Britannia Petite

Group 4:

David Cardinal - New Zealand

Youth Rabbits:
Best in Show - Natalee Brink- Satin
Group 1:

Henley Ballinger- Mini Rex

Group 2:

Taylor Postage - Netherland Dwarf

Group 3:

Connor O'Neil - English Angora

Group 4:

Natalee Brink - Satin

Open Cavy:
Best in Show - Tricia Burkhart - American
Reserve in Show:

Jonathon Conrad - Coronet

2nd Reserve:

John Gray/Chase Austin - American Satin

Youth Cavy:
Best in Show - Katelyn Metzger- American
Reserve in Show:

Kyla Long - Abyssinian

2nd Reserve:

Natalie Menezes - Teddy

Meat Pan:

Open - John Quinn; Youth - Isabella/Sophia/Samantha Albiani

Single Fryer:

Open - John Quinn; Youth - Isabella/Sophia/Samantha Albiani


Open - Jerry Thayer; Youth - Kira Knox


Open - Scott DeManche; Youth - Trista Fry

Colored Fur:

Open - Adam/Dean Benker; Youth - Krystal Tondre

White Fur:

Open - Manuel/Linda Hildalgo; Youth - Kellie Tondre

Best Overall Fur:

Open - Manuel/Linda Hildalgo; Youth - Kellie Tondre

Booth Contest:

Best in Show - National Silver Fox Rabbit Club

Booth Contest:

Runner-up - Havana Rabbit Breeders Association

Arts & Crafts:

Best in Show - Dori Moore

Arts & Crafts:

Reserve in Show - Julie Kuroki


Below are the official results of the breed/variety presentations at the 2016 ARBA National Convention in Del Mar, CA:
(Click to access PDF to print: 2016 Breed Presentation Results)

Newly Accepted Breeds/Varieties - December 1, 2017:
Havana - Lilac
Lionhead - Chocolate, Seal
Mini Satin - Himalayan, Squirrel
New Zealand - Blue

On page 28 Section 13, the 2016-2020 ARBA Standard of Perfection states: "The new variety will have the privileges of the existing breed varieties starting on the first day of the month following publication of the variety standard in the Domestic Rabbits magazine."

The above variety standards were published in the November/December Domestic Rabbits magazine. Per the rule stated above, these varieties became eligible to compete December 1, 2016.

Varieties/Breeds Presented and Passed this Showing:
Abyssinian Cavy - Tan Pattern (1st try at 1st showing)
Belgian Hare - Tan Pattern (2nd try at 1st showing)
Britannia Petite - Siamese Sable (1st try at 1st showing)
Dwarf Hotot - Blue Eyebands (2nd try at 1st showing)
Mini Rex - Sable (1st try at 2nd showing)
Lionhead - Siamese Sable (1st try at 2nd showing)

Breeds/Varieties Presented But Did NOT Pass this Showing:
American Cavy - Otter (1st try at 1st showing)
Britannia Petite - Tortoise (1st try at 1st showing)
Czech Frosty (1st try at first showing)
Lionhead - Sable Point (1st try at 3rd showing)
Netherland Dwarf - Champagne (1st try at 1st showing)
Polish - Lilac (1st try at 1st showing)
Satin - Lilac (1st try at 1st showing)
Velveteen Lop - Solid (3rd try at 2nd showing) *

* COD Terminated


American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.


2012 ARBA Convention Breed Numbers
2011 ARBA Convention Breed Numbers



Correction to 'Creative Cook' column in the September/October 2015 edition of the DR

Due to a misprint in the Creative Cook column in the September/October issue of Domestic Rabbits, there was an error in the featured recipe - Rabbit Samurai. For those who would like to try out their culinary skills with this dish, the corrected recipe is available below:

Rabbit Samurai
Large File Size (7.23 MB). Please allow adequate download time.


Results of the 2015 ARBA District 7 Director Election:

Jack Bailey 142
Carl Richetelle 201


BEW Britannia Petite and Mini Satin Copper Variety and New Siamese Group Varieties Recognized as of February 1, 2015

Blue-Eyed White Britannia Petite and the Copper variety and Siamese Group varieties (blue, chocolate, and lilac), in Mini Satins passed their 3rd and final presentation at the 2014 ARBA Convention in Fort Worth, TX. The ARBA office has prepared official standard inserts for the 2010-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection:

2/1/2014 ARBA Standards Insert (Britannia Petite and Mini Satin)


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In Memoriam...


Conall AddisonIt pains me to share that the ARBA lost a treasured friend and stalwart on September 5, 2016. ARBA Hall of Fame member, former long-time ARBA Treasurer, ARBA Judge, and beloved friend Conall Addison passed suddenly on Monday in his Garden City, KS home. Conall was a friend to everyone he met and if he was in the room it was guaranteed to be full of laughter.

Conall originally studied Accounting at Oklahoma State University and later studied Animal Science. It was while at Oklahoma State that he was first introduced to the rabbit industry when he started picking up rabbits for the university. He started raising Florida Whites which were a new breed and I have been assured looked nothing like the beautifully typed rabbits we see today. It was during this time that Conall came upon another young man by the name of "Fib" (Fibber McGeehee) who introduced him to the ARBA and someone who became like a brother to him, Tex Thomas. Conall first joined the ARBA on August 16, 1968 and received his registrar license September 7, 1971. Conall became ARBA Rabbit Judge #363 on September 26, 1975 and over the years judged rabbits all over the continent. Being the character that he was, Conall had a way with people and particularly young people. His love of kids and adults alike along with his constant study of the ARBA Standard of Perfection made him an incredibly popular judge. Conall logged thousands of miles traveling to shows with Fib and Tex with tales to tell about each of their "adventures with rabbit judging."

Professionally, Conall was an extension agent with Kansas State Cooperative Extension. He was no one trick pony, Conall was an advocate for agriculture regardless of if one was talking about crops or livestock. His support of 4-H programming was unwavering and there are thousands of young people who now work in the industry who attribute their early interest and success to this extension agent and friend. Not only did Conall judge the Kansas State Fair's 4-H rabbit show for 40 years, but he also helped write the KS Rabbit 4-H project book which was later adopted by other states. Conall's lovely wife, Barb, was always supportive and equally passionate about 4-H programming; donating much of her time as well. Together they raised their two daughters, Andrea and Alicia, with the same love of agriculture and 4-H. As a family they also raised and showed rabbits. Conall had raised many breeds over the years but most notably Standard Chinchillas, Dutch, Florida Whites, English Spots, and prior to his accident three years ago he was raising Netherland Dwarfs.

Conall was a man with a big heart, big voice, and had a tendency to do all things in a big way. Conall freely donated his time to local, state, and national clubs in addition to the ARBA nearly all of his life. To list all of his club involvement would make for a novel. Conall was appointed the ARBA Treasurer in 1978 and served the ARBA continuously until he asked to retire in 2007; 29 years serving as the ARBA Treasurer. Conall served several national specialty clubs but most notably for the Dutch and Florida Whites, along with an appointment to the Holland Lop RSC during a difficult time in an effort to resolve issues back in the 80's. Conall was an artful mediator and his knowledge of administration coupled with his uncanny people skills made him a very effective leader. Even though an auto accident limited his ability to travel and judge in recent years, Conall served as the Vice-President of Windy Plains RBA and as a Director for the Midwest Standard Chinchilla RC, Wheat State Californian RSC, Kansas Dutch Rabbit Club, and Midwest Florida White RBA at the time of his passing. Conall was presented the ARBA Distinguished Service Award in 1996 and was bestowed with the highest honor the ARBA can bestow on a member when he was inducted into the ARBA Hall of Fame in 2003.

Our hearts go out to Conall's family along with our deepest sympathies. We appreciate your willingness to share Conall with us for so many years; he certainly has touched us all through his works as well as his genuine friendship. Services will be held September 10th at Price and Sons Funeral Home in Garden City, KS at 11 a.m. Memorials can be made to Stafford County 4-H Council and the Kansas State Rabbit Breeders Association Scholarship fund. A more complete tribute to Conall will be in a future issue of Domestic Rabbits. Thank you Conall for the decades of service, laughs, and helping to shape who we are today!

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