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Product 83

ARBA Website Breeder Listing

Breeder listings and other services do NOT require shipping. If you are purchasing a service item ONLY, you can bypass the shipping calculator during checkout. Selecting a shipping method will result in an error message, but your purchase will still go through.

Rabbit breeders who have an ARBA membership can choose to list all of their breeds on the ARBA website for the low rate of $20.00/year. Members may list their name, rabbitry*, City, State/Province, Phone, E-mail, and Website (if applicable).

*Member rabbitry must be officially registered with the ARBA in order to be included.

NOTE: ARBA Website Breeder Listings and other service items do NOT apply to volume discount for shopping cart purchases.
Website Breeder Listing - Select as many Breeds as you would like to have listed on the ARBA website. - Specialty Breed for Sanction
AB - Argente Brun
AC - American Chinchilla
AF - American Fuzzy Lop
AM - American
AN - Angora
AS - American Sable
BH - Belgian Hare
BP - Britannia Petite
BV - Beveren
CA - Californian
CD - Champagne d'Argent
CG - Checkered Giant
CN - Cinnamon
CO - Commercial
CR - Creme d'Argent
CV - Cavies
DH - Dwarf Hotot
DT - Dutch
FW - Florida White
EA - English Angora
EL - English Lop
ES - English Spot
FA - French Angora
FG - Flemish Giant
FL - French Lop
GA - Giant Angora
GC - Giant Chinchilla
HL - Holland Lop
HM - Himalayan
HR - Harlequin
HT - Blanc de Hotot
HV - Havana
JW - Jersey Wooly
LC - Lilac
LH - Lionhead
ML - Mini Lop
MR - Mini Rex
MS - Mini Satin
ND - Netherland Dwarf
NZ - New Zealand
PO - Polish
PL - Palomino
RH - Rhinelander
RX - Rex
SA - Satin Angora
SC - Standard Chinchilla
SF - Silver Fox
SL - Silver
SM - Silver Marten
ST - Satin
TH - Thrianta
TN - Tan

Breeder Information:

Please fill out all of this information and click the Click Here When Finished button, otherwise the purchase will not be processed.

The ARBA reserves the right to adjust all prices and fees as necessary without notice.

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